"One import to rule them all"

by childintime9

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@DeveloperMemes i didn't start with python btw...
like, so what? importing libraries is illegal now in programming? are you no longer going to import libraries when programming in c either? everything from scratch?
this is an argument *for* python, not against it.
@DeveloperMemes this can be interpreted as "C is inelegant" or as "Python one liners are implemented with 1000 lines of C code"
@DeveloperMemes (that is: to get the ability to do said one-liners in the first place, a lot of code went into it behind the scenes in the interpreter)
@DeveloperMemes but i think it's true that all code is ugly once it's transformed into machine code
@DeveloperMemes "nope, sorry, your flow control is actually still just IF and GOTO but we just hid it"
@DeveloperMemes even machine code is a bit of an abstraction these days, with caching and pipelining
@DeveloperMemes in old school ISAs, instructions would literally just be bitfields activating the ALU, registers, program counters, etc. we're pretty far away from that now.
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