"The most important command of all time"

by x_interloper

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@DeveloperMemes unless you expect vim and end up in nano because EDITOR is never set correctly by default on most distros

Can we then agree that save and quit is ":x" and not ":wq" ? 😁

@DeveloperMemes I keep seeing this and keep stumbling over the "esc" part. I only just figured out why. It assumes that insert mode is the default mode, and that makes esc part of the command.

But if you stay in insert mode, a bunch of vi features are unavailable to you for navigating around files, because they are by default bound to keys that in insert mode produce text.

In a way, that makes the image even better: it's the most important command for people who do not use vi efficiently.

@tanakian@ծմակուտ.հայ @DeveloperMemes Oh, I'm more commenting on my process of figuring out what bothered me than the actual use of ESC here.

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