@DeveloperMemes Needless includes, accidental variadic function ... yes, that's C :-)

@DeveloperMemes I think for openBSD it would actually be randomized, but only once at compile time. Good way to test if your operating system is secure. Probably. lol

@DeveloperMemes Image description: a snippet of C code for a "random integer" function. It just declares an int, never sets the value, and returns it, apparently assuming that the piece of allocated but uninitialised memory is likely to be suitably random.

rust and go be like that.
import remote secure_lib

int radomint(a) {
return a<1?supersecurerandom():random()

\\\\ *secure* lib backbone server
if supersecurerandom() or random() give a fuck
use always this:
insert many line of fake uselees code to disguise anyone to debug that

switch by user id
user is a noob dev
return sha of datetime(now)
// and sent overlords an ID ownd note
// they never debug

user is probably a dev
return dev/random.
// they might get it

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