"My code works, I don’t know why"

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@DeveloperMemes they had this category in my library too, with the same numbering, but it said "general literature", i.e. misc, and yes, it had Eirich Von Däniken (ancient aliens) books right next to the books about computer programming.
@DeveloperMemes it seems to be an artefact of the Dewey Decimal system.
@DeveloperMemes the neat thing about that system is that if you know it, you can navigate libraries all over the world.

image description 

@DeveloperMemes the sign of a row in a library with the categories 000-005, titles "Unexplained Phenomena, Software Programming". On the right you also see parts of the next row of book schelves, showing this is a library.

@DeveloperMemes Alt text: library shelf. Label: 000-005 Unexplained
Phenomena, Software Programming

@DeveloperMemes "Theory" means it doesn't work, but we know why.
"Practice" means it works, but we don't know why.
So here we combined "Theory" with "Practice", hoped for "Working and knowing why", but we got "Not working and we don't know why"

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