"Smoke tests in the wild"

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Been there done that, not that particular bridge but did attempt to drive a truck under an overpass that wasn't quite high enough. 🙁

@DeveloperMemes and there will still be people who do hit that bridge!

@elbosso @DeveloperMemes In my defense there was no signage specifying the height.

@nanook @DeveloperMemes in my experience - such signs would not help. here we have a bridge (metric system) 2.8m tall. there is a slew of signs warning of this fact as of the fact that it is impossible to turn around - guess what...

@elbosso @DeveloperMemes Here we have a standard, all bridges must be 14'10" tall at least or be signed if not. So if your truck is under 14'10" you should not have to worry about height. My truck was, this overpass wasn't and it wasn't signed. It would have helped.

@rugk @DeveloperMemes no, didnt know this - comes at a crucial point: three weeks holidays are looming in front of me. we have here a bridge (sorry -metric system) 2.80 m high and huge warning signs about not only the bridge but the impossibility to turn around - but guess what...

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