@DeveloperMemes I like the Star Trek version of Earth better, where ALL of the streets in San Francisco are designed for walking and socializing. Both of these pictures are dystopia.

@progo @DeveloperMemes that only works because of teleporters tho. Get rid of the teleporters and San Francisco remains a hilly area of street shitters
@coldacid @progo @DeveloperMemes in star trek san francisco solved the sidewalk poop problem

@Moon @coldacid @DeveloperMemes we may have passed the point where solving for cars and trucks is easier than solving for poop.

@Moon @coldacid @DeveloperMemes I'm not sure they explain it all in the TV series and films, but I think in Star Trek world, teleportation is expensive; you just see it on American-style military vessels that are so overbuilt that they can afford the power.

Several Star Trek episodes in San Francisco show entrances to subsurface tube transportation. No doubt it's electric trains, and not 4-seater exploding lithium battery cars.

@progo @Moon @DeveloperMemes people might not have teleportation pads at home, but anything further than a nice walk seems to be done by teleporter. What episodes have these tubes you mention?

@coldacid @Moon @DeveloperMemes
memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/T - DS9 "Past Tense"

Also I'm pretty sure the station entrances are in scenes in the Harry Kim episode of Voyager called "Non-Sequiter".

@coldacid @Moon @DeveloperMemes yeah I have to remember that Star Trek is fantasy, and there's no accounting for energy.

People like to joke about how Voyager, alone in the Delta Quadrant, can make mini starships.

@coldacid @Moon @DeveloperMemes anyway, you don't need teleportation to get cars off the streets. See Amsterdam.

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