@DeveloperMemes@social.cybre.town True story: at #Google, printf debugging is all we have.

Our binaries are too big for
#gdb, and the other Google debugging tools only work on deployed services, not on tests - most services of which deal with user data which precludes use of the other debugging tools.

What is left is logging the minimum set of info to log files under our usual privacy constraints for logging, which helps with production, and outside production, littering code with

LOG(INFO) << "DO NOT SUBMIT x = " << x;

to track down issues in local tests.

@DeveloperMemes And then you try to figure out liferea's "there is no file at https://", and discover that the function where the only instance of that line is found is never even being called.

@DeveloperMemes Oh god this is so true: It's what I do and I never even think of doing it otherwise. I do it in a targeted way for short tests, like if something works up to a certain point I put something like alert("abc123") in a loop or if statement since it's the easiest way to see if I get there when I need to.

@DeveloperMemes I always used a debugger, until I got into web development. Using a debugger on the serverside is... well, I don't do it.
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