@DeveloperMemes it is deeply weird to me that many software engineers don't take more pride in their jobs and instead choose to rear their kids as if a 1970s childhood would prepare them for the world they'll inherit

@kolya @DeveloperMemes my guess is that a lot of these people got pushed into programming by their parents, and want to avoid repeating that with their own children

@genmaicha @DeveloperMemes the parents of today's software engineers, who are getting kids now, generally didn't push them into IT, because they didn't understand computers at all.


@kolya @DeveloperMemes

I'm a child of the 1970s...

so let's assume...

i got my first own computer in 1998.
I wrote my first lines of code on my cousins computer (Commodore VIC20)
I'm definitely no "digital native"
I'm working in an IT-Job, and i like my job.
Im still fascinated in logging in via ssh on my computer every day, that this works... the same as the first time i did this... 15 years ago.
As a child of the 1970s i saw "War Games".
As a child of the 1970s i played with my bike, ball, flowers on the street with my friends, wie cleand the wood from litter and i spent much time on a farm, getting dirty as fuck every time, i was there...

Did i say, i'm no digital nativ?
I'm no digital nativ, but i know more about privacy and data-security, how to protect myself and my family, i'm more aware about this, than maybe the most digital natives are...


because i had a good childhood. I lived in a world without mass surveillance, but i had that big luck, to learn how to work with computers, when i was young enough to realize, what chances computers and the internet are, and i was to old to learn how to use "products", without knowing how they work behind...

To be "fit for IT" does not mean - in MY world - to know how to create a product on a product (some commercial stuff is created on a framework wich is also commercial stuff), it means to know, how things work inside and together with social interaction... to know how it can be used and missused, and how to defend missusage and be aware about the difference of usage and missusage...
children are not tought in that... they can use products... perfectly... but no awareness in things...

my opinion...

@jakob @DeveloperMemes that's pretty much my childhood too, however our conclusions differ wildly:
I don't believe that my break into IT is down to my personal history as much as the fact that the technology itself was young and easy to pick up and then grow with it.

These circumstances are not repeatable. And preparing a child for a situation that doesn't exist anymore is setting them up for failure. Technology has matured irrevocably.

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