@DeveloperMemes the idea behind the law was good, it was just riddled with mistakes, so websites could easily make the cookie popups confusing to navigate so everyone would click on 'accept all'.

It's not the fault of the EU. It's the fault of corporations. Don't forget that.

@DeveloperMemes on another note, what's with the quality of these memes recently? They've become complete shit!

@Riedler @DeveloperMemes Yes, I unfollowed a while ago because of low quality.

@Riedler @DeveloperMemes …I actually recall these popups are a violation anyway, but sentences have only just begun?

@xerz @DeveloperMemes only if they don't have a 'reject all' button *somewhere*. It can be at the bottom of the page, behind confusing labels (be on the lookout for 'legitimate interest'), extremely tiny and other stuff.

I believe the EU is now catching some of them on technicalities, but I really just hope they'll end up amending or straight up rewriting the law.

Not like I care a lot since Firefox has added total cookie protection, anyway.

@Riedler @DeveloperMemes oh, if you’re on Firefox you might want to enable First Party Isolation too! privacy.firstparty.isolate – this will delete all existing cookies and might break some sites, but it’s as good as it gets!

@DeveloperMemes@social.cybre.town there is no part in the GDPR which forces you to prepend a popup with that.

To be honest, this was the reaction of ill-informed companies, who believe putting this popups may save them. Which is not the case.

@DeveloperMemes Politicians should be explicitly forbidden from knowing the internet exists.

@DeveloperMemes GDPR doesn't specify that every website needs to have a cookie popup.

@kuba I'm afraid you might be the only one who actually read the policy 🙃

@kuba@toot.kuba-orlik.namethats that's exactly what it is, but where to find good advice if you have no time to read all that GDPR shit?

Jest o tym odcinek na @midline ?


@nomadbynature @midline @DeveloperMemes it's just another law, if you need it because you are a developer or you manage an agency you have to find the time to read the regulation.
The regulation don't say not to use a functionality, they say the web user has to consent about their personal data to be used and they have to be justified for the purpose of the website.
The marketeers try to trick the website users and put them in the position to always say "yes"

@nomadbynature @midline @DeveloperMemes if you don't have time to read it, you can't do anything with user data.

It's that simple.

@nomadbynature @midline już parę rzeczy zrealizowaliśmy w tym kierunku, ale jeszcze takiego odcinka skupionego na aspektach prawnych nie bylo @DeveloperMemes

@kuba @DeveloperMemes In fact, almost every cookie/consent popup currently in use actually *violates* the GDPR...

The marketing industry has been depressingly successful at spreading misinformation about the GDPR (not helped by the EU sucking at its own communication on this point)

@DeveloperMemes@social.cybre.town companies break law to try to circumvent law protecting data, protecting data bad

stellar logic, but you can't expect better from redditors

@DeveloperMemes yeah, that is patently false, and basically parrots Google's and IAB's propaganda about privacy regulation. Really damn sad to see this kind of tripe coming from this account.

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