"Sometimes we just need to make the mistake ourselves for the lesson to stick."

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@g more suggestions for the comics page :)

@DeveloperMemes @cosminh I agree, I've been telling my workmates it's a huge mistake to migrate our infra to cloud, we have to deploy 2 machines just to get a local certification and it cost around 1300USD monthly. While on the other side with Hetzner we pay 300USD and we have a lot of more stuffs.

I only see the benefit of cloud when you need to deploy machines for a short time quickly, but if you need machines running long time is much more expensive.

@jrballesteros05 @DeveloperMemes @cosminh Hetzner Dedicated or Cloud? For dedicated keep in mind to take Hardware failure into account.

Aws makes totally sense when you use the managed services of them. For just EC2 there are cheaper options

@ctm @DeveloperMemes @cosminh Yeah we use dedicated servers and for some special cases we use Hetzner cloud, we take care about the hardware failure but we had few cases when that happened to be honest.

@jrballesteros05 @DeveloperMemes @cosminh you should take that into account, AWS has the management of all that priced in and made highly available.

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