i like my . but why does it have to be so slooow. ahh.

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@adb because fast memory is expensive and one goal was to make it cheap.

@cybercow yeah, but i would pay more if it was usable then. I mean, it's more the long load times and slow rendering that limits me than the OS itself. Posh actually works pretty fine for me.

@Seb3thehacker @adb MMS seams to be broken but I never get or send one anyway.

@Seb3thehacker @adb For me it works on mobian and i also worked on Manjaro with kde mobila. According to it should also work in ubtouch. Do you have the latest upgrades?

@cybercow @Seb3thehacker i'm using posh on manjaro. But I also tried Ubuntu touch before and at least i received messages. (not sure if I ever sent one on UT)

@Seb3thehacker @adb It's a so called virtual carrier called HOT i think it uses the infrastructure from T-Mobile or Magenta how the call themselves now

@Seb3thehacker @adb Then i don't know, is there something like a stable build? May it is only temporary broken. Like in Mobian the upgrade to Debian 12 broke the Telephone app. It should be fixed now but such things happen on the dev branch.

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