ough, u can't use a fritzbox as an access point for a VLAN?

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@adb if you have enough network ports on the firewall (is that pfSense?) You could use a port based VLAN tag and and plug the fritzbox in with no VLAN config on it at all, disabling DHCP etc as required

@pswilde yep, it's pfsense. actually i would have enough ports (8) but i just don't wanted to lay another cable to the server case xD so in the fritzbox inet settings it looks like i could either use a VLAN or set the fritzbox as an access point

@adb ah, I see, yes running another cable would be a pain.
I don't know enough about fritzbox to offer any advice, but I'm sure it'll be fun getting it to work

There may be some MAC based VLAN tagging in pfsense actually, cant remember, but I do love pfsense

@pswilde hm, what ever. i might just get a tp-link router and flash it with open wrt or so

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