is there a simple simple step by step tutorial for newbies to i could send them?

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@calculsoberic pretty good, but also a bit too long for the most users I think.

@artem for new users that are not familiar with the concept of decentralization. just a simple introduction to the concept and how to setup an account and how to decide which client/server to use etc.
but i might write one by myself then

@adb for start using #matrix you don't need a server setup. just start element (it's a matrix client for desktop and smartphone) and create a new account insite the app ( - it's like email address). That's all.

In the next step you can think about your own instance, if you want.

@artem @adb

Aslo highly recommended to register on another homeserver for a better experience,
since seeemingly everyone register on

@adb There's this help page on which looked really helpful to me.

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