What is your android matrix client of choice?

I always recommend to family and friends to contact me, but I'm not sure which client to recommend.

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@0hlov3 yep, i'm using the php-fpm image and pgsql. what if you try to login directly w/o the proxy?

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Promotion ongoing now also with the LED screen at the Vrijhof!

ahh shit, my educational license for JetBrains just expired

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Der feuchte Traum aller Überwachungsfanatiker wird wahr. Die GroKo einigt sich auf ein Bundespolizeigesetz,nach dem der #Staatstrojaner ala Minority Report im Rahmen des Predictive Policing eingesetzt werden, bevor eine Straftat begangen wurde. Alle unter Generalverdacht gestellt

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Wenn ich in 5 Minuten beim Aufruf von 20 Seiten mich mit 256 Third-Party Servern verbinde kann mir niemand erzählen, dass das World Wide Web wie wir es kennen auch nur annähernd so funktioniert wie es funktionieren sollte.

@rigelk basically this one: github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube
but without the performance optimizations.
and thanks for your help :D

@rigelk btw, i have some issues with the viewer count of live streams. it never shows more than 2 viewers, even if i know there are more. any idea? maybe smth with my proxy config?

@rigelk sounds great :D but actually i'm using docker

good morning folks :) does anyone know if you can transfer ownership of a channel?

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A user attacked a German Health Department with the #lucaApp
They also show sending ransomware to the health office …


i will add another onion address for cybre.town as soon as i managed to containerize tor.

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all adb.sh subdomains are now available by tor. just add the subdomain to the onion address. if you want you can also use https with the adb.sh certificate


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